TWICE impresses fans after defeating Lovelyz

After winning in a head to head singing competition on jTBC‘s Sugar Man against fellow rookie group LovelyzTWICE has been receiving a lot of praise from netizens.

TWICE’s NayeonTzuyu, Chaeyoung, and Jihyo performed an R&B cover of Seo Joo Kyung‘s “Daring Woman,” defeating Lovely’z subunit of KeiSoo JungMijoo, and Jin, who performed a lively rendition of Lim Ju Ri‘s “Thick Lipstick.”

While both groups performed admirably, voters on the show chose the JYP Entertainment group as the winner of the battle, and netizens seem to have agreed. After watching the performances, netizens have showered TWICE with praise, especially members Nayeon and Chaeyoung.

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[+ 1541, – 168] Nayeon is so pretty honestly ㅠㅠㅠ

[+ 1071. – 121] Twice all did well but Chaeyoung especially hard carried today. I was sad that TWICE wasn’t on any end of the year awards but now I’m satisfied.

[+ 1095, – 140] Nayeon’s voice color oh my god…

Source: Pann