TWICE Members Enjoy Massaging Each Other At The Spa

Some of the members of TWICE received the chance to experience an ultra relaxing time at a spa in a recently aired episode of TWICE’s Private Life.

Aired on April 19th, members Jihyo, Nahyun and Momo spend some quality time with one another as they awaited for their relaxing massage. Given some healing but bitter tea, their room was finally ready where the massage professionals began to do their work to relax the idols’ muscles to the point all three TWICE members fell asleep.

Then began the intense stretching for each members – though to onlookers may look somewhat painful, it’s great for the blood flow.

Laying down in their bed, Nahyun convinces Momo to give her a back massage who complies before plopping down like a rag doll on Nahyun with a lovable hug. Jihyo joins in by giving Momo a massage before giving one to Nahyun.