TWICE Tzuyu and Sana’s Double Visual Attack on Instagram Wows Fans

Fans are getting a double heart attack after members Tzuyu and Sana recently uploaded a short video of themselves on the group’s public Instagram.

Uploaded on June 12th, the duo writes, “Once~~ ❤️ We’re so grateful for your support during ‘Cheer Up’ activities, thank you ❤️ Enjoy your meal ??,” while Sana greet on the video, “Everyone enjoy your meal~” in a cute way as she waves her coffee slightly as Tzuyu takes a bite out of her red bean paste bread snack.

With Tzuyu being one of the most highly recognized visuals in TWICE and Sana’s “shy shy shy” fame, fans have left comments about how blown away they are by their blinding visuals.

Meanwhile, fans are also already wishing Tzuyu an early birthday as she is set to turn on year older on June 14th!

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