TWICE’s “Like OOH-AHH” climbs back up the charts

As their promotions for “Like OOH-AHH” came to a close, fans surprised JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE by helping their debut song climb back up the charts. 

After promoting their song on music charts for three weeks, the rookie group’s song had slowly descended to 99th place on the charts, and it seemed as if the song would fall off the charts completely. However, as a gift to the group for working hard and releasing such a good song, fans helped propel the song back up the chart, where it peaked at 9th place despite the tough competition. At the news of this, netizens have praised TWICE for their impressive feats as rookies, with many showing support for the group.

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[+ 6348, – 601] They’re following the trend of successful rookies. Miss A wasn’t #1 in the beginning but they started trending and swept the charts. TWICE isn’t doing exactly that well but their debut song is…daebak

[+ 4119, – 435] They’re going over number 9 on Melon!!

[+ 3681, – 461] They were #1 on Monkey 3!

[+ 3313, – 450] Twice is awesome!

[+ 3117, – 620] Twice is going crazy every where!

Source: X Sports