Two idols come to a face off for the title ‘#1 Visual in K-Pop’

Originally titled, “Yoona vs Sulli who is the best visual in K-Pop” the post had over 20,000 users of Pann vote on who they believed, deserved the title of ‘the most beautiful girl in K-Pop’



The article featured these 2 pictures of Yoona and Sulli with the words from the original poster.

“Like if you think Sulli is more beautiful and dislike if you think Yoona is.”

The result of the vote was interesting with many of both girls’ fans voting:


[+ 67, – 81] Sulli doesn’t come close…she loses to Krystal every time there’s a poll

[+ 66, – 18]


[+ 58, – 16] They’re both beautiful but personally, Yoona wins


Source: Pann