Tymee speaks up on the tense relationship with Jolly V

Female rapper Tymee revealed that her diss rap towards her rival rapper Jolly V in Unpretty Rapstar was real.

As Tymee appeared on the April 6th episode of Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School, she expressed that her emotions seen on the female rapper survival show were true hearted. She explained that the relationship between the two artists was not good originally, making it hard for her to feel truly comfortable meeting face to face and being on the same program as Jolly V.

Tymee and Jolly V have been long time rivals since their diss battles in the hip hop contest Show Me the Money 3, in which they parted in an awkward way as neither recognized each other’s abilities. Their tense relationship could be seen through the episodes of Unpretty Rapstar and the strained atmosphere between them stirred much attention.

Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School is broadcasted at 4PM KST through Mondays to Sundays on SBS Power FM.

Source: XSports News