U-KISS’ Eli issues follow-up statement after marriage and wife’s pregnancy announcement

After surprising fans with news about his marriage last week, U-KISS’ Eli released a follow-up statement on Twitter. 

On December 7th, Eli released another statement on his personal Twitter account explaining the reason behind his announcement and explained that he decided to publicise his marriage and wife’s pregnancy in order to protect his family.

He started his statement saying, “Hello. This is U-KISS’s Eli. First, I want to apologise for my previous actions to my family, members, fans and people from NHemg family and AVEX, and to everyone else who worried for me. My actions shocked  a lot, right? Although, it has been tough, I did not regret being a part of U-KISS. But because of my idol status, it amens it hard for my family.” 

Eli explained that due to his status, he felt stupid not being able to be there for his family, including going to the hospital comfortably. Wanting to take responsibility, he explained that the announcement was done to protect his family.

He closed the statement with an apology to his members and fans who have all expressed their worries over the ordeal and hoped that with their blessing, he’ll continue to work hard as a singer for his fans.








Source: Eli’s Twitter and Dispatch