UEE joins Instagram with a breathtaking photo on a Busan trip with Jooyeon and Jungah

December 19th marks the date that After School‘s UEE made her very first post on her newly made personal Instagram account!

UEE seemed to have gone on a trip to Busan with her fellow After School members Jungah and  Jooyeon, where the three captured joyful memories and each posted photos onto their personal Instagram accounts.

In UEE’s first Instagram post, she was lucky enough to capture the blue skies of Busan, while captioning her photo with, “The start with Instagram ♡ #Happy #Busan #Jjungjjung #Jupal #UEE“, not forgetting to hashtag her good friends with their nicknames.

For her profile picture, UEE cutely chose to use a photo of four Disney princess characters crossing a pedestrian crossing, a parody of the famous album cover from The Beatles.

While speculations have arisen over possible member graduations from the group, Lizzy is said to be making a solo debut with a trot song next year.

Other After School members who are active on Instagram include Jungah, Jooyeon, EyoungLizzy, and Nana.

UEE on Instagram
Photo: UEE Instagram