Ulala Session sings about the “Best Girl” in new MV

Ulala Session is not shy when it comes to pursuing a girl, which is hilariously shown in their new music video “Best Girl.”

On November 19th, 1theK released Ulala Session’s music video for their newest hit, “Best Girl.” Here, all four members are seen pining over a single “creamy cafe mocha” girl and singing “She’s a shining superstar.” This video has been shot in multiple locations, most notably at their hangout with the “club-like” atmosphere, where they are just singing and having a good time. At one point, they all run after her, each with a bouquet of flowers in hand, trying to win her love and affection.

Following a retro disco rhythm, this R&B song brings viewers to their feet with this nostalgic beat and fun dance moves. The members’ older fashioned outfits have them blending in perfectly with the set and the song’s groovy feeling

Ulala Session has released their first full length album ReJOYce on November 19th. This album truly is their pride and joy as the band has collectively invested much time and effort into it to successfully showcase their musical abilities. Holding the title of Super Star K winners, there is much to expect from this diverse band!

They are currently in the midst of promotions, as they have previously performed their song on Mnet‘s M!Countdown on November 13th