UNIQ releases teaser photo for upcoming music video teaser release

After the Chinese-Korean group UNIQ announced their comeback, they released a teaser photo which revealed the release date for their music video teaser.

The black and white photo showcased the five members posing in front of what looks to be a construction site while clothed in dark attire. In addition to the group photo, the teaser photo revealed that the music video teaser for “EOEO” will be released on April 16th at 12:00.

While the teaser for “EOEO” will be released on April 16th, the song will be released on April 22nd. UNIQ will also be releasing their Chinese track “Listen to Me” on April 23rd and their 1st mini-album on April 24th.

Meanwhile, UNIQ’s music video will also be released on April 24th.