UNIQ teases for comeback with images for Yixuan and Yibo

On April 17th, UNIQ began the countdown for their upcoming comeback by releasing image teasers for members Yixuan and Yibo.

After unveiling a fierce music video teaser for “EOEO,” the members continue with their bad boy look in these image teasers.

In Yixuan’s image, he is shown biting his lip. Although dressed in a casual and comfortable black outfit, he gives off an alluring aura as he tilts his head and holds a hand up to fix his hair. Meanwhile, Yibo has a more mysterious image. Hidden behind his dark bangs, the idol sits in front of a complicated metal structure while resting his arm on his lap.

UNIQ is expected to make a Korean comeback with “EOEO” on April 22nd and Chinese comeback with “Listen to Me” on April 23rd.

Check out their images here: