Uniqnote reveals “Girlfriend” MV featuring Bobby Kim and Jungyup

Uniqnote sings a sweet song about his “Girlfriend”, featuring Bobby Kim and Jungyup in the music video.

On November 4th, 1theK released Uniqnote’s music video for his title track “Girlfriend”, which features Bobby Kim and Jungyup in the chorus.

The music video opens with Bobby Kim introducing Uniqnote in English, describing him as a “full package of what a true musician has to be”. It continues into his song, where he sweetly sings how much he loves his girlfriend, thanking her for being herself and staying with him. The story in the music video only emphasizes his song’s meaning as in the beginning, he is stuck in a grayscale colored world, longing for a companion. Once she enters his life (just as the song chorus begins), his world fills with color, only shining brighter as he spends more time with her.

Uniqnote is a well known producer, who has produced an impressive multitude of songs, including Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Kill Bill”, B1A4‘s “Be My Airl”, Jungyup‘s “The Word You”, JeA‘s “Let’s Hug”, and FLY TO THE SKY‘s “Go Away”. In addition, he is a jazz pianist in a jazz band called Spotlife. He called upon his friends Bobby Kim and Jungyup to increase the song’s dynamic, shown with the contrast between Uniqnote’s smooth vocals and Bobby Kim’s and Jungyup’s English rapping.

Recently, Bobby Kim has made comeback after 4 years with song, “Apology”.