UNIQ’s Sung Joo makes his variety show debut on jTBC’s “I’m Going to School”

On May 12th, UNIQ‘s Sung Joo made his variety show debut on jTBC‘s I’m Going To School.

Sung Joo made his first appearance at Hanmin High School alongside variety show veteran, MIB‘s Kangnam. The two proceeded to bring lots of laughter as they became the “dumb and dumber couple” after having difficulty in both chemistry and math. However, the pair showed lots of enthusiasm, despite their difficulties with the subjects. Expectations for the show have risen after Kangnam and Sung Joo, as well as the other six transfer students on jTBC’s I’m Going To School, brought lots of laughter and joy to the program.

Meanwhile, rookie group UNIQ recently released their first Korean mini-album, “EOEO,” but have demonstrated their popularity and talent in China already. Their first Chinese mini-album topped four charts in China, and the group was awarded the Rookie Award at the KU Music Asian Awards.

UNIQ released a normal and a dance version for their latest track, “EOEO,” along with a dance practice version as well. They also recently celebrated their 200th day since debut.