Untouchable releases teaser image for 5th mini-album “HEIIVEN”

With their comeback album set for release soon, hip-hop duo Untouchable kept fans excited with a new teaser image. 

Unlike their album cover, which features a drawing the duo looking rather rugged and tough, the new teaser image is more in tune with their video teaser for title track “Crayon,” which shared the duo’s comedic side.

The teaser image shows a fish-eye view of the two comically riding a golf cart, dressed as if they were really going to be playing a round of golf. Aside the amusing picture, the group also attached some information about their upcoming album HEIIVEN, written in sloppy and possibly childish handwriting.

The TS Entertainment hip-hop duo is set to release their 5th mini-album HEIIVEN and the music video for title track “Crayon” on March 18th. For now, you can check out the teaser image below!

언터쳐블(UNTOUCHABLE) 5TH MINI ALBUM <HEllVEN> '크레파스' 티저 이미지 #언터쳐블 #HEllVEN #크레파스

Posted by 언터쳐블-Untouchable on Monday, March 16, 2015