Untouchable surrounds themselves with luxurious shoes and cigars for “HEllVEN”

Hip-hop duo Untouchable continues to share image teasers for their upcoming 5th mini-album HEllVEN, this time, reveling in their favorite luxurious items.

The latest image teaser comes just hours before the release of their mini-album, and features members Sleepy and The Action surrounded in an array of expensive shoes and cigars as they give an intense look at the camera.

The duo will be promoting the title track “Crayon” this time around, a fun trap track that features hilarious lyrics such as “My nephew’s crayons has 18 colors” and “Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet you can’t count my colors.” A scene in their music video is said to have used the three-dimensional technology to further emphasis it.

HEllVEN and “Crayon” is set to be released in a few hours on March 18th at noon KST.

언터쳐블(UNTOUCHABLE) 5TH MINI ALBUM <HEllVEN> 티저 이미지 (Teaser Image) #언터쳐블 #HEllVEN

Posted by 언터쳐블-Untouchable on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Source: OSEN