Untouchable’s Sleepy reveals they are working on a comeback

On January 12th, Sleepy from hip hop duo, Untouchable, revealed that they are currently working on a comeback.

Sleepy posted a picture on his personal Instagram (@leepykim) where he is seen in the studio with his fellow member, The Action, and another man who remains a mystery.

The photo stated, “Mix complete! Coming soon!” which surprised fans and raised anticipation and excitement for this comeback. A lot of fans commented, cheering on the artist and letting him know that they are looking forward to the comeback.

Last year was a great year for Hip Hop as K-pop was swept up in a trend. Particularly fans got to see some of their favorite rappers engage in a rap battle diss that had seldom been done in K-pop before.

Looks like Untouchable is looking to continue the rising popularity of hip-hop in Korea for 2015.