Upcoming girl group The Ark introduces 3rd member, Halla

On March 20th, upcoming girl group The Ark revealed an image film revealing their third member to get followers excited about their approaching debut.

It has been known that The Ark will consist of Yuna Kim and Minju as the two have also revealed a practice clip. Now, the third member has been unveiled.

Called Halla, her name derives its inspiration from its meaning, “Pull the Galaxy.” Born in 1998, the newest member shows her mature and elegant beauty despite her young age. Her strong yet delicate beauty fits the concept of the group well. In the image film, viewers can follow her behind the scenes of an apparent shoot as she poses naturally for the camera in a casual white outfit and sneakers.

The Ark is set to become a new multi color group. Their logo design and name come from the bravery of Joan of Arc. It was previously reported that the group would be a five-member girl group. They are set to debut in April so stay tuned for more details.

Check out the image film and meet member Halla below:

Source: Sports Chosun