Upcoming rookie female group G-Friend shares group photo

Starting off the new 2015 year with an upcoming hot debut, G-Friend has released another group photo teaser, sharing an innocent, bare-face concept to their fans. 

Released on January 5th, the six members wear matching white outfits consisting of a t-shirt and skirt, combined with striped socks and white tennis shoes. Grouped together on a small carpet, G-Friend gently smile towards the camera as they sit on the wooded patio, a barrel and bricked wall in the background with a sign reading, “These premises protected by video surveillance.”

Their Twitter post reads, “G-Friend Debut Coming Soon! The second group photo of G-Friend has been published! #Yerin #Sowon #Eunha #SinB #Yuju #Umji #GRIEND Group Picture released! ♡.”

Debuting under Source Music Entertainment, G-Friend is set to debut on January 15th.