Urban Zakapa releases “Consolation” MV

After teasing fans with a short, minimalistic video teaser earlier this week, Urban Zakapa has come back in full swing with their full music video for “Consolation”. The talented trio, made up of members Jo Hyuna, Kwon Sunil, and Park Youngin, has released the song ahead of their 4th studio album, which will hit the market sometime in November

“Consolation” is a haunting yet soothing track that blends the gentle mix of piano and string instruments with the soft vocals of Urban Zakapa. The trio harmonize their voices to create a spectrum of pitches that narrate the journey of masked statues throughout the city.

The central figures to the video are white statues with a balloon heads traveling through various locations in the city and doing various mundane activities, such as making phone calls, riding the bus, and sleeping. Although the figures are expressionless, their sad emotions are expressed through their postures and the lighting surrounding them.

In addition to preparing for their November comeback, Urban Zakapa has also been getting ready for their 2014 Urban Zakapa Concert Winter domestic tour which will take place in November and December, and make 8 different stops around Korea.

Check out their video below: