V.O.S releases MV teaser for “Someday” featuring ZE:A’s Hyungsik

Star Empire has revealed that ZE:A member Park Hyungsik will be featured in V.O.S (Voice Of Soul) music video for “Someday.” 

There has been many recent expectations for Hyungsik to debut solo, however, it was revealed on Twitter today that Hyungsik will be acting as lead in V.O.S’ official music video for “Someday” instead.

On March 9th, the teaser for the track was released and started off with the familiar sorrowful voice of Hyungsik, joined by V.O.S emotional yet powerful vocals. Hyungsik’s tearful face is shown, displaying a myriad of emotions from being lost, to bewilderment, grief with a tinge of anger and longing can felt from the video. His acting harmonizes well with V.O.S members’ Choi Hyun Joon and Kim Kyung Rok’s emotional singing, moving listeners’ hearts.  The teaser ends with the flowers in the vase knocked over, with water flowing everywhere.

The full music video will be released following the release of the track on March 11th.

Source: kstyle