[★TRENDING] Various artists tweet heartfelt messages for Baby KARA’s Sojin

Following news that Baby KARA’s Sojin had passed away, various artists expressed their heartbreaking sadness and condolences through various SNS posts.

Rainbow’s Yoonhye:

 “I offer my deepest condolences. Sojin always worked harder than anyone…. please pray for her everyone……”

Kim Jaekyung:

“May she rest in peace, She reminded me of when I started my career and reminded me of my mindset back then. I wish she can sing to her heart’s content where she is now”


“Ah… I was hoping that the reports weren’t true… she was a friend that I hoped for the best for… I wonder if it’s too late to say anything now, but I truly wish that she can live on without any pains from now on….. I offer my deepest condolences.”

Cho Hyunyoung:

“I offer my deepest condeolences. What is there that I can say…. There are so many things I want to say”


“I offer my deepest condolences… my heart hurts so much…”