Various idols to take the college entrance exam this year

With only a few days to go before the annual college entrance exams in Korea, it has been revealed that various idols will be taking the test as well.

According to Segye, idols such as SEVENTEEN’s Minkyu, Dokyum, D8, GOT7’s Yoogyum, G-Friend’s Eunha and Yuju, Lovelyz’s Soojung, DIA’s Eunjin, Yebin, and Chaeyeon, and Yook Jidam will be among the many students to take the test.

However, idols including 15&, TWICE’s Jihyo, GOT7’s BamBam, myB’s Jiwon, Munhee, Yoonjung, and Jookyung, 4ten’s Ha Jung Eun are noted to be postponing their examinations.

Netizens have reacted with sympathy and with scorn in response to this news. Many have already begun the plea against special treatment, citing Moon Geun Young’s private testing room as an example. Others poke fun at the idols taking the exams, thanking them for lowering the average. Fans also hope that the appearance of these idols at the exams will not bring armies of followers and disturb the other test-takers.

Also, various idol groups have begun to share their blessings for the students preparing diligently for the exams.

Source: Segye