Vasco says “Giddy Up” in new MV feat. Nochang + Cjamm

Vasco returns with his newest MV, “Giddy Up,” featuring Nochang and Cjamm, which was released by CJ E&M Entertainment on January 30th.

Standing alone in the middle of a desert wearing a black trooper hat, Vasco grinds out his song as he raps to the heavy beat. Afterwards, the scene switches to a club, where he is seen with his friends, all jumping in time to the music. The video ends with a stone horse centered in the dark negative space, fading into the background.

This EP, Code Name: 211 is a stark contrast from last year’s album, Code Name: 187. In Code Name: 187, Vasco describes 187 as a code for the murders and homicides in the world, essentially proving the world is not always a good place to be. In Code Name: 211, he explains how code 211 portrays the running theme of strength, success, and happiness.

Previously, Vasco collaborated with Shannon and Giriboy for their hip-hop track, “Breath.”

Watch his MV below!