Veteran idol Sung Yuri shares a story of how she took revenge on an anti-fan

Actress Sung Yu Ri has shared her anti-fan event story during her girl group years as Fin.K.L on a talk-show Healing Camp for SBS.

On a recent broadcast of Healing Camp, actresses Sung Yu Ri and Jung Ryeo Won traveled to Japan for a short trip. During their train ride, both actresses brought up personal stories of their cherished memories.

Sung Yu Ri shared an anecdote during her time as a girl group member Fin.K.L. “In front of a salon, one fan delivered me a letter saying ‘Unni, I’m your fan.'” When I opened the letter, I saw our group’s photo with our eyes all punched out and insults written all over. At the time, we were all so mad at anti-fans. So we had our car turned to the salon. I asked the anti-fan who gave me the letter to come and ride the car as well. I asked the anti-fan why she would do such thing and where she went to school. I called the homeroom teacher of the anti-fan and revealed everything. After that incident, I feel like there were rumours that anti-fans shouldn’t bother us.”

After the broadcast, netizens commented, “That’s our Fin.K.L,” “The anti-fan must have been so scared,” “Of course, they are our original hard-core unni group,”  and more.

Source: The Star