[★VIDEO] Go Ara makes surprise appearance on tvN’s “3 Meals a Day”

Go Ara made a surprise guest appearance on the November 21st episode of tvN’s 3 Meals a Day. The actress was the first of many guests on the show who is not an acquaintance of either Taecyeon nor Lee Seo Jin.

Upon her appearance, Lee Seo Jin looked flustered and told the PD of the show, “You must be crazy,” and Taecyeon took a few steps back in bewilderment but his face couldn’t hide his happiness. Though there was an air of awkwardness at first, but the three stars rapidly became close on their way to buy groceries for their dinner mission.

Go Ara’s personality was much like her character Sung Najung in Answer 1994, and she quickly became comfortable with the environment of the show. She played with Minky, which other guests usually call as puppy, and kept humming throughout the filming as if she was having the time of her life.

The actress said, “I grew up in Jinju and because my grandmother lived in the country side I have a lot of good memories about places like this. Whenever I step outside of the urban areas, I feel good.” She harvested eggplants and rinsed vegetables as well.

The most noticeable difference with Go Ara’s presence was the air of romance that could never be found on set before. Taecyeon kept his smile on even when Go Ara made mistakes and told her, “You can just rest, I’ll take care of everything,” like a gentlemen.

Lee Seo Jin also told Go Ara that Taecyeon once told that he thought Go Ara was the prettiest when Lee Seo Jin mentioned that Lee Yeon Hee was pretty.

Unlike other guests who kept crying for meat, Go Ara seemed happy eating a simple green onion tempura. The star even went up to Lee Seo Jin and asked for a picture first and seemed to be an angel from the sky to Taecyeon.

Source: My Daily