[★VIDEO] HI SUHYUN achieves their very first music show trophy on SBS Inkigayo

SBS Inkigayo is guaranteed to hold a special place in the hearts of the lovely ladies of HI SUHYUN, as it marks the stage on which they won their very first music show award!The chemistry between HI SUHYUN’s Lee Hi and Akmudong Musician‘s Suhyun is undeniably a winning combination, as they achieved their first music show trophy on the November 23rd broadcast of SBS Inkigayo. 

The girls were up against fierce competition that day, with Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and AOA as their fellow finalists. With the amazing reception and support that each of the competitors were receiving, the competition was initially so close that it was hard to determine who would go home with the trophy, especially since the winner of last week’s episodeMC Mong, was no longer in the top 3.

The duo can be seen intensely watching the numbers as they gradually increased, evidently nervous and uncertain about the results. However, once it was revealed that they were the winners, their tense facial expressions relaxed into ones of shock and excitement, being unable to properly express their emotions in words.

Lee Hi took the lead, as she started to thank her company, fan cafe and family for their ever-steady support, hesitating a few times to try and catch her breath. The microphone was then passed onto Suhyun, who went onto briefly, yet joyfully, thank their fans and family, the grin on her face failing to leave during their time on stage amongst other performers.

HI SUHYUN was revealed to be YG Entertainment‘s latest project group, with their hit sing “I’m Different” featuring Bobby of upcoming boy group iKon hitting all different levels of success, ranging from triple crown status on Gaon Charts, 2 million views on Youtube, and finally, their very first music show win.

Check out their performance of “I’m Different” and their moment of victory below!