[★VIDEO] Jewelry’s Yewon poses for “bnt International” magazine

From her natural beauty to her warm aura, Jewelry‘s Yewon gets up close and personal as she models for bnt International magazine.

Official bnt News released a behind-the-scenes video of Yewon’s photohoot, where it showcases different concepts from Yewon knitting to her clothed in a glamorous black dress.

Through the video, Yewon graces her beauty as the photo shoot starts with a cozy concept where she is causally dressed and seen knitting. The singer continued to embrace her natural beauty as she quickly changed into a neutral colored outfit.

Following, from sunglasses to leather gloves, the next concept was bases on the glamorous life. Yewon’s photo shot ended off with a delicious end as she got photographed with a beautiful cake.

Previously, Yewon took on the role of the bubbly and quirky character, Yong Dajung in the Korean drama, Hotel King which aired during April and July of 2014.