[★VIDEO] Lee Hyori talks about Fin.K.L on “Infinite Challenge”

Lee Hyori‘s guest appearance on the recent episode of Infinite Challenge garners attention, in particular, the diva made few comments on her former first generation girl group Fin.K.L.

On November 1st, MBC Infinite Challenge aired an episode with the mission statement to recruit a singer for Jung Jun Ha and Park Myung Soo‘s project. In order to recruit sexy diva Lee Hyori, Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Hyung Don went to visit her in Jeju Island, where her newlywed house currently resides. The two found Lee Hyori working on the field, which was a very different image from her sexy star performances as a singer.

During the episode, Yoo Jae Suk hoped that, “it would be good if all Fin.K.L members could come together again.”

Lee Hyori mentioned, “it would probably be difficult to come to stage again as Fin.K.L since some of our members became actresses. Plus, it has been a while since we have contacted each other. The last time I’ve seen them were 3~4 years ago when they visited my concert as special guests.”

Despite commenting she forgot how to dance, the diva flawlessly performed to “Now” on request.

Along with Lee Hyori, many of Korea’s long time favorite musicians starred for the day’s episode, including, Kim Jong Gook, Kim Hyun Jeong, So Chan Hee, Sean, Jang Su Won, Kim Jae Duk, Kangta, Bada, and Lee Sang Soon. 


Source: Daily HankookOsen