[★VIDEO] “NO.MERCY” trainees provide morning calls on episode 3 of “Deokspatch”

1theK released the third episode of Deokspatch on December 31st with the trainees of Mnet’s show NO.MERCY.

Previously the boys were seen having a feast and celebrated Christmas together by playing games.

Every episode the boys participate in events based on what the fans want to see. For this episode, 1theK asked fans on Twitter who they would want to received a wake-up call from. They then picked the TOP3 trainees to carry out the mission.

In third place was Kihyun, who seemed to cringe at the words that were coming out of his mouth. After a few NG’s though, he finally recorded a perfect “church oppa” morning call that is sure to get you out of bed in an instant.

#Gun took second place, and after a few embarrassing and hilarious outtakes, he managed to record the “monster rapper” morning call.

The youngest member Yoonho took first place, but had a rather difficult time finding what words to say. Yoonho recorded the “cutie” morning call, but ended it in embarrassment as he clung to the wall.

In addition to these three adorable morning calls, you also get to see the “losers” of the trainees try out their hilarious failed attempts at a morning call.