Video Of CRAZY Talented Girl Singing With Kim Bum Soo Goes VIRAL In Korea

Singing with a truly talented vocalist might even make good singers pale in comparison sometimes. However, netizens were shocked when an unknown girl was able to keep up with legendary singer Kim Bum SooWhen the two came out to sing a duet for the crowd on a recent broadcast, viewers weren’t sure what to expect. However, as soon as the girl opened her mouth, everyone was shocked to discover that she was able to hold her own against the overpowering voice of the veteran vocalist. In fact, when the song came to a powerful conclusion, the two earned a standing ovation from the audience.

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[+79] Dami noona you should debut!!

[+60] Why did they use this picture? She looks scary

[+8] I hear she’s registered as a singer as of January 29th

[+2] She looks so beautiful..

[+1] Use a better picture please I thought she was Under Taker

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