[★TRENDING] VIPs voice out issues regarding BIGBANG’s concert in Indonesia

Indonesian VIPs express their anger towards the promoters that organised and handled BIGBANG’s MADE concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

On August 1st, BIGBANG brought their ongoing MADE tour to Jakarta, Indonesia and performed for a packed show with their fans. However, days after the concert, fans who attended the event voiced their concerns towards the management and expressed their frustrations towards the local promoters.

By August 3rd, a letter addressed to YG Entertainment was posted on Twitter and other social networking sites expressing these sentiments, where they mentioned complaints towards the seat plan, queueing chaos, treatment for unwell fans and more. It further detailed how these incidences were handled and addressed the issues to local promoters Mecima Pro and one of its production staff Fransiska Melani.


As the letter continued to be circulated online, Fransiska Melani responded to the complaints saying, “We know we did mistakes but you dont need to throw bad words or bashing without respecting the works we have done. All teams did their best.” 



YG Entertainment has yet to comment on the issue. Meanwhile, BIGBANG continues to hype fans not only with their ongoing tour but with the upcoming release of their latest single, E.