VIXX, Apink, and AOA crush garlic and eat lemon in hilarious relay for “Weekly Idol”

This week’s Weekly Idol featured hilarious segments featuring members from VIXX, Apink, and AOA as they competed in a relay with MC Defconn.

Aired on January 20th, AOA’s Mina, Apink’s Hayoung, and VIXX’s N made a special appearance together on the episode. Participating in the “Weekly Gourmet” segment, they were given the mission to eat lemons and giving a whistle to indicate they have completed eating.

With Defconn first in line and doing a little dance as he ate the sour fruit, Mina garnered attention for her worrisome facial expression, afraid that they would fail.

Finally her turn, Mina brought laughter on the set as she expressed just how sour the lemon was.

In a next relay mission, they were given the chance to win some fried rice for their gourmet meal if they succeeded in crushing garlic with only their elbows.

Both Defconn and N found an unnatural talent in the ability to crush garlic with their elbows alone while Hayoung and Mina found it difficult to do so. Unfortunately, the four failed to complete the mission within the time limit and the fried rice went back to the staff to eat.

Source: Sports Seoul and TV Report