VIXX releases official lightstick ahead of 2nd solo concert

With VIXX‘s second solo concert tour UTOPIA happening just next week, Jellyfish Entertainment finally revealed the official lightstick for the group!

Celebrating their third anniversary since debut in two months, VIXX has finally confirmed the design and color of the lightstick that will unite ST☆RLIGHTs at their concerts. Shining with a blue color when lit, the lightstick has a unique V shape that forms a star when five lightsticks are joined together.

VIXX’s members Hyuk, Ravi, and Hongbin also posed with the actual lightstick and shared it through their official Twitter account. While Hongbin poses with a cute gaze, the tweet wrote, ““I am Rovix. This is Agent Kong who is jealous of Agent Ravi and Agent Hyuk’s lightsticks. Please give Agent Kong one too.”

In similar news, BTS, which debuted one year after, also recently announced their official lightstick ahead of their second solo concert BTS Begins.

VIXX Lightstick
Photo: VIXX’s Fancafe

Source: VIXX’s Fancafe