VIXX participates in 1theK’s “#Hashtag” interview for “Error”

Recently releasing their “Error” music video, VIXX returns to the screens with their “#Hashtag” interview released by 1theK on October 15th, where they revealed their funny quirky selves.

The members of VIXX talk about a range of topics, from who they think played the best cyborg in their music video, to what they thought of their Starlights.

When asked about “#head_fairy”, all the members immediately looked at Leo, saying how Starlights have given him this name due to his “feeling embarrassed head motion”. From here, VIXX continued to delve into others’ nicknames and the stories behind them, including “wink fairy”, “Han Sang-hyuk oppa”, and “Hyunggi”.

VIXX’s mini album “Error” has been released on October 14th!

Be sure to check out their interview below, and let us know which was your favorite hashtag!