VIXX release BTS video for “Error”

VIXX has released a behind-the-scenes video for their newest song “Error”! The boy idol group returned with their music video for their title track “Error” on October 14th, and now they’re treating fans with a look at their filming set!

Fans are given a glimpse of the hardworking boys as they film their music video. Their teamwork, emotional acting, and hard working personalities are exhibited as they dance and sing with incredible passion.

VIXX took on a new concept for “Error”, transforming into a cyborg idol group. KARA‘s Youngji also made a special appearance in their latest video, portraying Hongbin’s lover.

In addition, VIXX has already announced their music video pledge ahead of its release. The choreography practice video will be released upon the music video hitting one million views, a special choreography video released with two million views reached, and an exclusive fan chat upon reaching 3 million views. The four million mark remains a mystery.

Check out the video below! Have you listened to “Error” yet?