VIXX releases “Beautiful Liar” image teaser for their first sub-unit, LR

After releasing a video teaser for VIXX‘s upcoming sub-unit LR, VIXX released the first image teaser for their first sub-unit on August 8th.

As the dark and gloomy teaser was revealed, member Leo can be seen in all black where as Ravi can be seen in all white. Although the two see to be rocking different colored concepts, Leo leaned his head onto Ravi’s shoulder while Ravi can been seen looking up.

In addition to the teaser revealing the members, the teaser image revealed that the duo will be making their debut as a sub-unit with what seems to be the title track “Beautiful Liar” on August 17th.

Meanwhile, VIXX released the video teaser for LR on August 5th where Leo and Ravi can be seen performing at a concert.

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