VIXX releases MV teaser for title track, “Love Equation”

After releasing the initial teaser video for their upcoming track, “Love Equation,” VIXX showcased their charm as they released the official teaser on February 21st. 

As the members of VIXX was seen playing video games, basketball and much more during the brief teaser, the upbeat melody captured fans attention as they sing along to the lin, “The story of love equation.”

Fans can expect the music video for “Love Equation” to tell the story of the younger generation moving forward to their future as VIXX overcomes a breakup. The music video will be expressing a sentimental story and will included never before seen clips.

“Love Equation” was originally sung by R.ef in 1995 from the group’s first studio album, Rave Effect. VIXX’s upcoming remake album, Boys’ Record along with the music video for “Love Equation” is schedule to be released on February 24th.

Meanwhile, VIXX will be holding their second solo concert, UTOPIA this March in Seoul.