VIXX shares a group photo in the practice room ahead of comeback

VIXX is hard at work as they continue to practice endlessly for their upcoming return with the special remake album Boys’ Record.

On February 21st, VIXX retweeted a photo originally posted by member N, who wrote, “‘Love Equation’ practice. Please look forward to it.” The photo features all six members wearing comfortable clothes and sneakers in a large dance practice room that is well-lit. Aiming the camera at the mirror, N takes the photo sitting down as the remaning members pose.

“Love Equation,” or originally known as “Farewell Formula,” is a remake of the 90s hit track by Re.f. While the track is a remake by VIXX, it will come with an all new original choreography to further showcase the group’s flair.

Boys’ Record is set to be released on February 24th.

Source: News1

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