VIXX shares release schedule for upcoming remake album, “Boys’ Record”

The official release date for VIXX‘s upcoming remake album Boys’ Record has been unveiled by the agency via an image teaser on February 11th.

On the group’s official Twitter account, the post reads, “This is Rovix. #VIXX’s special single album’s title track has been confirmed as ‘#Farwell Formula’. Our Starlight agents can expect this to be published on the 24th at midnight KST. [Now, RT mission start!].”

“Farewell Formula” is a track originally released by R.ef in March 1995 from their 1st studio album Rave Effect. 

While the album will be released on February 24th at midnight KST with the official music video following an hour later at 1AM KST.

VIXX has already released several teasers for their upcoming remake album, teasing fans with photos and hints at which tracks they’ll be covering in their own style.