VIXX teases tracklist for remake album, “Boys’ Record”

On February 9th, VIXX teased fans with the tracklist for their upcoming remake album Boys’ Record. However, the title track remains shrouded in mystery.

The first hint features an old photograph, creating a vintage atmosphere in honor of the album’s homage to the oldies. Using what appears to be an old childhood photo as its inspiration, the hint shows three tracks. The second and third tracks are “On A Cool Night” and “Memory.”

These two songs have caught much fan attention as the credits reveal the lyrics and composition of “On A Cool Night” are by member LEO and “Memory” is a work by Ravi.

However, the first track remains a mystery at this point as the tracklist only leaves the hint of “1995,” perhaps the year the song was originally released. The second hint seems to give a bigger clue as it includes again the year 1995 as well as the back of a man with large angel wings. In addition, the side of the photo has a hand-written line that reads, “Why didn’t you say the most important part? Separation is always waiting behind love.

Meanwhile, the group has previously teased fans with various group and individual photo teasers to highlight their youthful charms prior to the album’s release.

Boys’ Record is set to be released on February 24th so stay tuned for more details.

Check out the hints below:

Post by VIXX.

Post by VIXX.