VIXX’s Ken and EXID’s Hani hold hands in collaboration for Ken’s solo project

VIXX‘s Ken has revealed that the mysterious female artist that will feature in his solo single is none other than EXID‘s Hani!

A few hours ago, a short audio teaser featuring the vocals of the female singer was released, making fans wonder who the silhouette belongs to. Since Ken is one of the main vocalists of the boy group, many expected a rapper to feature in his solo. However, Ken recruited EXID’s hot visual Hani, who will lend her singing voice, raising possibilities of a sweet duet.

In the teaser image released today, Ken and Hani are seen holding hands, just like the first animated teaser that was revealed. Hani also leaned onto Ken’s shoulder with his superior height and a new cute couple is born. The solo single named “Gap” (tentative translation) will be released on June 24th.

Just today (19th), Ken also held his first stage performance for the musical Chess.

2015. 06. 24. #켄 with #하니. #빈틈

Posted by VIXX on Friday, June 19, 2015