VIXX’s Ken kills it with high note on “The Last Song”

VIXX‘s Ken killed it with high note on JTBC‘s The Last Song, breaking the stereotype of idols having mediocre musical talents.

On the May 12th broadcast of the show, the K-Pop idol members participated in the final round of the competition. The final competitors included actors Seo Bum Suk, Yoon Hee Seok, comedian Jo Se Ho, and VIXX’s Ken.

For his final song, Ken chose to sing “Goodbye For a While” by MC the Max. Though seven of the voters chose Ken as the favorite to win that night, many were worried that the song Ken chose was going to be difficult to perform well. Ken responded, “In junior high school, this was my favorite song. I sang this all the time.”

Ken did not disappoint, delivering a solid performance with his piercing vocals and wowing the audience. He appeared to hit all the high notes with relative ease, impressing Jo Se Ho who commented that Ken was a terrific singer. Moon Hee Jun gave Ken high praise as well, asking to hug Ken as soon as the performance ended and commenting that Ken had the vocal cords he wanted.

Check out his performance of “Goodbye For a While” below and see for yourself!

Source: TV Report and jTBC Entertainment’s Official YouTube Channel