VIXX’s Leo’s chronic condition of getting startled may cause him to suffer from a heart attack one day

Known for his many talents as a singer, songwriter and theatre actor, VIXX’s Leo is also known for an interesting trait by his fans. 

A post on Instiz insisted that Leo gets surprised to the most random things as photos from these events were posted as alongside. Numerous video clips of the singer getting startled by firecrackers while onstage, screaming fans, random antics from his members and other moments caught the attention and humour of his fans.

Leo eventually gathered sympathising comments from his fans as they continue to laugh along for his genuine reactions.

Meanwhile, Leo made his debut with VIXX through the survival reality show, MyDol on Mnet, before extending his activties with musical theatre. Prior to his debut, he was also known for his other skills in swimming, boxing and taekwondo.

Source: Instiz