Walk Through SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Transformation From Cutie To Hottie

He was UWU, now he’s UWHOA.

With his modern chic mask and his towering 6′ 2″+ height, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is inarguably SEVENTEEN’s visual gem – but he wasn’t always the incredibly sexy man he matured to become.


Mingyu signed with PLEDIS Entertainment as a trainee in 2011 when he was in 8th grade.


He was street cast on his way home from school, thanks to his already A+ visual and physique, even as a middle school kid.


During his trainee days, Mingyu was more on the cute side – with a “boyness” that was natural because he was, in fact, only a teenage boy.


By the time he debuted with SEVENTEEN though, Mingyu had gotten closer to the beasty manliness that he boasts now.


In 2015, as the group promoted bops like “Mansae”, Mingyu blossomed into one of the “hottest minors in K-Pop”. No one could believe, with a face like this, that he was still technically “underage”.


Two years later, by the time SEVENTEEN dropped “CLAP”, Mingyu reached his finest. He was a gorgeous twenty-year-old young man…


… that had come a long way from his 8th grader days!


Fast forwarding to the present, now the 22-year-old Mingyu is a sexy icon! Though his facial features haven’t changed much, everything about his aura changed.


From cutie to hottie, Mingyu successfully transformed himself into one of K-Pop’s tallest, sexiest, and handsomest men.


Watch the Mingyu conquer the stage with his steamy good looks: