Wa$$up releases tracklist for second mini-album “Showtime”

On November 18th, hip hop girl group Wa$$up shared an image of their upcoming second mini-album tracklist on their official SNS accounts.

On November 17th, the group showed fans the first official teaser image to confirm their comeback and to share the concept for the upcoming mini album.

The Twitter post with the tracklist on Wa$$upP’s official account was accompanied by a message reading: “[#WASSUP] #WASSUP 2nd Mini Album ‘Showtime’ Tracklist #TooLoud,” sharing the name of the mini-album and its content to the public for the first time.

The mini album Showtime will have six different tracks, including “Showtime,” “Too Loud U,” “Stupid Liar (featuring NiiHwa),” “Where’re You Looking? (Nada Solo),” “Hug Me,” and “Too Loud U (Club Mix).” Fans are leaving comments on Facebook sharing their love and excitement for Wa$$up’s new album and November comeback.