Watch How Koreans REALLY Get Turned Up Clubbing In Gangnam

Ever wonder how clubbing in Seoul and more specifically, in the infamous district of Gangnam is? Koreaboo takes you on a short trip to Club Syndrome with Just Jerk Crew in our latest video!

Koreaboo’s new YouTube series features some of the hottest nightlife scenes in Seoul, South Korea and we’ve just released another teaser for our readers! The video features the famous Just Jerk Crew, which consists of members Young J (leader), S ONE, J HO, HIMMAN, and Chris M. Joon.

The teaser was produced, directed and shot by Malhada’s Jimin Choi, the head producer at Koreaboo! Check out the video below and catch a sneak preview into our new series as well as how clubbing in Korea is REALLY done.