Watch the MBC Show Champion performances for November 26th!

If you didn’t catch the latest show of MBC Show Champion on November 26th, catch it all here! Watch Apink, Nicole, Wa$$up, Cho Eun, Lim Chang Jung, and Hyorin x JooYoung perform as they return with their comeback or as soloists for the first time on the stage of Show Champion.

Other performers for the night included Kyuhyun, AOA, VIXX, Boys Republic, Hello Venus, Lovelyz, CROSS GENE, Ulala Session, MAMAMOO, B.I.G, HALO, Yoon Hyun Sang, Hotshot, Natthew, A.CIAN, Cho Eun, ZEST, AKZ and Pundeng-E.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun nabs yet another win for his solo career, taking first place tonight with his title track “At Gwanghwamun”!

Watch the performances below!

Hello Venus – Sticky Sticky

Nicole – MAMA

AOA – Like a Cat

B.I.G – Are You Ready

CROSS GENE – Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man

Apink – Good Morning Baby & LUV

Boys Republic – The Real one

MAMAMOO – Piano Man

Cho Eun – Love, Such a Coward Thing

ZEST – My All

Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love

HOTSHOT – Take a Shot

Wa$$up – Showtime & Shut Up U

Pundeng-E – Baechu Bossam

Natthew – Love Will Be Ok ft Minsae

A.CIAN – Ouch


규현 / 에이핑크/ 임창정 / AOA / 니콜

효린X주영 / 빅스 / 소년공화국 / 헬로비너스 / 러블리즈

크로스진 / 울랄라세션 / 마마무 / B.I.G / 헤일로

윤현상 / 핫샷 / Wa$$up / 나튜 / 에이션

조은 / ZEST / AKZ / 풍뎅이 등