Watch The Koreaboo Video That Went So Viral Even G-Dragon Shared It

Viral videos are awesome and it’s the reason we at Koreaboo share and create so many of them on a daily basis! Now, it seems that even K-Pop idols are getting involved and joining the sharing frenzy, with G-Dragon showing his excitement over a video Koreaboo created.

The video, originally posted on March 15th garnered over 550,000 views in just 2 days and was shared thousands of times by our readers. In it, an old man is seen dancing and throwing his walking stick the moment GD x TAEYANG’s hit track, Good Boy plays to wild out.

The video has now gone so viral that G-Dragon shared it on his Instagram, with the caption “WOW” and has received over 150,000 likes in 2 hours. Check out his post and the video below!


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