Watch These Young Korean Kids Go Wild When President Park Gets Impeached

South Korea had a historical moment on Friday, December 10th, 2016 when a motion was passed to impeach President Park Geun Hye and students went crazy celebrating.

Students in Korea are very active in politics, especially when it comes to something as serious as the controversy surrounding President Park Geun Hye. While most of these students are in college or just graduated, it looks like high school kids are also just as passionate about their country.

These high school students were seen watching a live broadcast announcing the impeachment of Park Geun Hye and went absolutely crazy at the results. Watch the video below:

For those who are not aware of the political situation in South Korea, here are two gerat sources to learn more. The Buzzfeed link will give you a quick explanation as to what’s been going on. The “Ask A Korean” version is much more in-depth for those who would like to read the full story.

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