WA$$UP’s Nari releases dance cover for “Strip Tease” by Danity Kane

On December 9th, WA$$UP‘s Nari released a sexy dance cover of Danity Kane‘s “Strip Tease” as she is shown dancing with choreographer Mirim Lee and Wild Crew‘s Hayeon.

With a comic book theme, the singers, choreographers, dancers and crew are each introduced. Nari and Mirim are seen in jeans and crop tops, while Hayeon is rocking a leather jacket and high waisted jeans.

The three dancers shined through as they sexily perform to “Strip Tease” by Danity Kane. The video is enhanced in colors such as red, purple and blue while the rest of the video was in black and white.

Meanwhile, WA$$UP released the official music video for their latest track, “Shut Up U” on December 8th and released their 2nd mini-album, Showtime in November. Showtime includes six tracts, “Showtime,” “Too Loud U,” “Stupid Liar,” “Where’re You Looking,” “Hug Me,” and the club remix for “Too Loud You.”